Dear activist,

we are delighted that you are interested in supporting us in our observation deployments in the central Mediterranean on board the Trotamar III. In order to plan and put together the crew in the best possible way, we need some information about you. You can fill out the crew form directly here. Simply use the boxes and text fields provided. If you would like to leave a text field blank, please simply enter "-". Don't forget to send the form at the end.

  • You will definitely need a passport if we end up in a non-European country. Please apply for it now if you want to go on assignment with us in 2024.

    Personal data

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    Your skills

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    Sea experience




    life on board

    Dealing with extreme situations

    Our sailing boat offers little room to get out of each other's way during the deployment. Added to this is the tension of searching for people in distress at sea. It is therefore important that the respective team works well, resolves conflicts with each other without violence and also enjoys the deployment. In critical situations, we act according to standards that will be communicated to you during the preparation phase. As is usual at sea, the following also applies to us: in case of doubt, the skipper has the final say in the decision. The following questions invite you to assess your own personal experience in dealing with exceptional situations. These assessments will help us to put together a well-balanced crew.

    What tasks can you imagine for yourself on board?

    (Multiple answers are possible. Please note the requirements. If you are in possession of certain required licenses/certificates, please send us a copy).

    For which deployment are you applying?

    From February 2024, we will again be setting off on observation missions in the central Mediterranean every 4 weeks. We are planning the missions for 3 weeks. We would like to be at sea for 14 days and use the other days for preparation and follow-up. Please indicate in which periods you are available for our missions. You are also welcome to apply for several assignments or indicate that you are flexible in terms of time.

    Is there anything we should definitely know about you?


    Certificates of competence (sailing/navigation/medical/technical) (pdf, jpg; max. 5 MB)

    Disclaimer 1: I have taken note that the actual assignment periods are not yet binding at the moment, may deviate from the above information by a few days and that these deviations may still occur during the assignment.
    Disclaimer 2: Optional: I agree to the storage of my personal data for 24 months in the applicant pool for possible subsequent contact. Renewed applications for the next application period are nevertheless requested. Deletion of the data can be requested informally at any time by e-mail to
    Disclaimer 3: I have read the privacy policy and accept it.

    You did it!

    Thank you for your patience in filling out the crewing form! We are delighted that you are interested in joining us in strengthening rescue efforts in the Mediterranean. We will get back to you as soon as possible! If you have any urgent questions, you can contact at any time.

    Kind regards, the Crewing team