On September 1, at around 7:00 p.m., the TROTAMAR III reached its home port of Licata in Sicily. The first deployment ends here with a wrap-up. We are very grateful for a really great and competent crew, for a great support from the NGO networks and for many interested companions.

During our short journey on the world’s deadliest escape route, we encountered many empty boats, but none filled with people. The bad weather made sure that people stayed on land. But as soon as the weather is better, the boats will come again.

And we will come again too. Our second mission starts already on September 20.

Wanted: People with SAR experience

For our next but one mission (3rd mission: 19.10. to 8.11. and 4th mission: 23.11. to 13.12.) we are still looking for people with experience in sea rescue – and in the best case with love for sailing. We are also specifically looking for a woman with knowledge of engine technology and electrics for the 3rd assignment – there is a stationary engine in the ship. Please contact us at crewing@compass-collective.org