Come on board – annual planning 2024

Our operating periods for the coming year are fixed. We will be going to the shipyard in January and February to carry out some repair and maintenance work on the ship.

Specifically, we are looking for support from people with expertise in wood, metal, electrics and sailing skills between January 13 and February 22. The work will take place in Licata in Sicily. You will be housed in our accommodation, 10 minutes from the harbor.

We look forward to your feedback at

Assignment times 2024

We will then return to the Mediterranean with the TROTAMAR III as soon as possible to help people on the run if they need support.

  • 1. deployment: 02/28-03/19
  • 2. deployment: 03/20-04/09
  • 3. deployment: 04/27-05/21
  • 4. deployment: 05/06-06/25
  • 5. deployment: 07/10-07/30
  • 6. deployment: 08/14-09/03
  • 7. deployment: 09/18-10/08
  • 8. deployment: 10/23-11/12
  • 9. deployment: 11/27-12/17

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