TROTAMAR III is setting sail to search and rescue

UPDATE 2024/06/12

Today the TROTAMAR III left the port of Licata in Sicily and set course for Lampedusa. On board is a well-prepared crew of six under skipper Matthias. Together, they will be supporting civilian sea rescue in the Mediterranean Sea over the next days. On board our sailing ship is a comprehensive range of rescue equipment with which we can help people in distress at sea.


Yesterday, the crew of the current deployment set sail for the first time with the Trotamar III. Off the coast of Licata, the crew practiced the dinghy’s new launching maneuver with the newly installed davits. We use the dinghy to make contact with people in distress at sea, provide them with life jackets or, if necessary, bring people on board our ship.


The crew of our forth deployment started training in the harbor basin of Licata. With a second inflatable boat, which the sea rescue NGOs in Licata have procured together, we are practising rescue situations that we expect to encounter on the escape route in the Mediterranean. This involves initial communication with people, handing over life jackets or even rescuing a person from the water. Our aim is to use the resources on board to assist the people on unseaworthy boats until support arrives from the Italian Coast Guard or a larger rescue ship. In an emergency, we take the people on board the TROTAMAR III.


This year’s fourth crew is preparing for deployment with skipper Matthias. Elly from the Netherlands, Enora from France and Fabienne, Luca and Martin from Germany have already started the training in the port of Licata in ordert o be well prepared to support civilian sea rescue in the Mediterranean Sea.

In addition to a briefing on board, an inventory of the medical equipment and the repair of the gangway were on the agenda. The gangway is now needed to get on board safely, because new davits, small cranes, have been installed on the aft deck lately to facilitate the use of the dinghy.

Our deployments are financed by donations. Can you help make the next deployment possible? – Donate here!


21. July 2024

This afternoon, the Trotamar III and the Aurora from @seawatchcrew rescued a total of 122 people. 50 people are now on board the Trotamar III, 72 people on board the Aurora.The people were traveling in an unseaworthy double-deck wooden boat, without water, food, life jackets or enough fuel to reach a safe port. The crews…

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17. July 2024

Our new crew has arrived in Licata on July 13th. Adam, Astrid, Tabea, Theresa and Teun will join skipper Matthias on the Trotamar III for the fifth mission in 2024 and support the civilian sea rescue in the Mediterranean Sea during the upcoming weeks.The crew has already started to prepare on the ship and completed…

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The crew of the Trotamar III rescued 64 people in distress at sea.

22. June 2024

From the early hours of the morning on June 21st 2024, the crew assisted a rubber boat in distress and provided the people with life jackets. However, the responsible coordination centers for sea rescue did not respond to the distress call that the crew had made after sighting the boat.When the so-called Libyan Coast Guard…

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TROTAMAR III – looking for distress case

17. June 2024

Today, the crew of the TROATAMAR III was searching for a boat drifting in Tunisian territorial waters. The boat seems to have started in Sfax on June 10th and has been drifting off the coast of Tunisia without water or food ever since. Out of desperation, the people on board have apparently started drinking sea…

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Trotamar III starting to search

15. June 2024

The Trotamar III left Lampedusa for the Tunisian route at around 8 o’clock this morning. The crew of six under skipper Matthias is now searching for people in distress at sea in order to help them with the resources available on board.The Tunisian route is currently one of the most important passages for refugees setting…

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Deployment #3/24 unfortunately canceled

10. May 2024

After intensive training, we unfortunately had to cancel our third deployment this year in support of sea rescue. The reason for this is technical problems with the engine. It is true that the TROTAMAR III is a sailing ship and we use the wind to move wherever possible. But a stationary engine is absolutely essential…

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“Kulturelle Landpartie”

7. May 2024

In a few days, the cultural highlight of our region, the Wendland, will start: the “Kulturelle Landpartie”. Originating from the resistance against the nuclear waste plans in Gorleben, the ten-day series of events will once again attract tens of thousands of visitors to dozens of farms and locations throughout the Lüchow-Dannenberg district. As a highlight,…

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Preparations for deployment #3

5. May 2024

Although the TROTAMAR III is still in the shipyard, work continues on board for the next sea rescue deployment. The crew has reefed the mainsail and the furling genoa, which required the calm. Navigation lights were checked and repaired, medical equipment was sorted and an inventory of life jackets and food took place.

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deployment 3/24 begins … with an unplanned repair

30. April 2024

Our third deployment in 2024 has begun. The crew of six volunteer activists under skipper Matthias has arrived in Licata (Sicily), our ship’s home port. Training with the dinghy in the Licata harbor basin began today and rescue situations are being simulated. In our small house at the foot of Castel Sant’Angelo, we talk about…

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Crew wanted for deployment 4 & 7

18. April 2024

CompassCollective with the sailing vessel TROTAMAR III is looking for activist crewmembers for the next deployments. Especially we look for female socialized persons to strenghten the non-male part of the crew. For all deployments it would be great if you have sailing experiences on a sailing vessel and/or SAR- experiences. But it is not mandatory.…

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