The third crew of the TROTAMAR III reached our home port of Licata in Sicily at around 2.30 pm. For the crew, the follow-up work now begins, the deployment is debriefed and the ship is made ready to go again – until the journey home begins. The six of them have had an exhausting few days. Last weekend, we accompanied a boat with 50 refugees. On Monday, we took 20 people on board who had been waiting for many hours on a small boat in the shelter of a cargo ship. The people went ashore on Lampedusa on Tuesday.

As the year progresses, the weather in the Mediterranean is getting rougher and rougher. Wind and waves are increasing and far fewer people are making their way to Europe in unseaworthy boats. This year, the CompassCollective will set off on a fourth deployment. From mid-November, we will be back in the Search and Rescue Zone off Lampedusa.

In order to finance this mission, we are in urgent need of donations. Can you help? –