UPDATE 2024/03/28, 10pm: In the evening, following a distress call, the crew of the TROTAMAR III reached a metal boat with 40 people on board. The overcrowded boat was drifting at sea, unable to maneuver and with a faulty engine. The crew handed out life jackets to the people in order to stabilize the situation. The metal boat capsized and the people had to be rescued from the water. The crew temporarily cared for 31 of them on board the TROTAMAR III. The Italian Coast Guard was later also on the scene and rescued more people from the water. All of the refugees survived the boat accident and were brought to Lampedusa by the coast guard.

After this dramatic rescue, the TROTAMAR III is now on its way to Lampedusa.
Our two “centifloats” were lost during the rescue. These are inflatable tubes that several people can hold on to in the water at the same time.

Can you make a donation to help us replace the urgently needed centifloats? Donate here: https://compass-collective.org/en/start/#spenden


UPDATE 2024/03/28, 5pm: After many hours of searching the sea for boats with the help of binoculars, the crew of the TROTAMAR III received a distress call on the radio at around 5 pm. A metal boat with 40 people on board was west of Lampedusa in distress. All of them were not wearing life jackets and the engine had failed. The TROTAMAR III immediately changed course and headed for the unmaneuverable boat.